Take Control Of Your Health

Often the most effective, easy, and economical ways to prevent disease, and to feel our best, starts at home. Our goal is to give you the resources to take control of your health.

“As a doctor, I’ve studied and seen the benefits of medicine and the massive advances our medical industry has seen. But with all of our advances, we come up short when it comes to teaching patients about the easy and effective preventative measures they can take to avoid needing costly medical intervention to begin with. A lot of those preventative measures start at home and by understanding the relationship between mind and body. By using food as medicine, caring about emotional health, and reading the signs your body gives you, you can fight against chronic illness, and it all begins with you.”

Dr. Myers Hurt


Trade Herbs for Salt

Like many things in medicine, salt has been both praised and demonized depending on the month you read the paper, and it is hard to tell what is "good for you" or "bad for you" anymore. What experts do agree on, however, is that salt holds water - so people with...

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The following article was originally published in The Paris News. The links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Vitamin D - the "sunshine vitamin" seems like an...



Is it just me or does CBD oil seem to be everywhere? Facebook ads will tell you that CBD oil is a hot new ingredient in morning lattes, evening cocktails, lip balms, and even pet food. Near my home in Texas, I have seen big green flags advertising CBD oil on the...

Your Backyard Pharmacy

Have you ever heard of the term, “Eat The Rainbow”? It’s excellent advice! Simply eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables can nourish your body with all the nutrients your body needs to feel its best and prevent, and even heal, illness. You’ve got a pharmacy in your backyard!

Scared you don’t have a green thumb? Gardening can be easier than you think, very rewarding, and even therapeutic. We share all kinds of gardening tips for beginners and experts alike and we encourage you to give it a try!

Functional Medicine is Root Cause Medicine

Functional medicine is not necessarily a separate branch of medicine or a separate specialty, but it is instead a way to take a step back and see how the body as a whole is functioning. Too often in our current medical system, we all practice in silos. The neurologist deals only with the brain, the cardiologist deals only with the heart, the pulmonologist deals only with the lungs, etc. As a primary care physician, I can say that I try and do as much as I can up to a certain point without a long list of referrals, but even then, packed schedules and the constraints of insurance coding and billing truly limit good quality patient care. The practice of functional medicine lets the practitioner take a step back and try to find the root cause – is there one underlying process that is causing your skin problems, your breathing problems, and stomach problems? Is there one underlying process we can fix with lifestyle interventions instead of giving you three separate pharmaceuticals? Essentially functional medicine is root cause medicine.

My Gift To You

Stress can take a huge toll on our physical health and appearance, so we should all be trying to minimize our stress levels. As a thank you for visiting my site, I'd like to give you my #1 technique for eliminating stress. It's proven to work and easy to do!

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