Episode 30 - Only is better than best

Mar 15, 2023
Dr. Myers Hurt
Episode 30 - Only is better than best


Ready to get noticed in your residency application? 

There's a brand new Podcast episode out with one of the ways you can do that and a principle I stand by! 

We often focus on the wrong thing, test scores, rotations, letters of recommendations etc, and guess what that is what everyone else it putting on their applications too! 

What we should be putting - is what YOU are best at. 

In this episode, I go over: 
How to highlight ONLY what you're best at 
How to stand out from the crowd in Residency Applications

And guess what - a lot of this comes through in your personal statement, it is the only way to showcase your true personality and get the attention of Program directors through your application. This is the way to stand out from the crowd. Check out my personal statement course that helps your craft an outstanding personal statement and as helped hundreds of students get their choice in placements. Check it out here. 

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