Grow Your Own Medicine

Like most of America, I’ve struggled with weight loss and have fluctuated anywhere from 260lbs at my heaviest down to 200lbs at my most lean when I ran a few marathons. Throughout that journey, I experienced what 66% – or about 220 million overweight or obese Americans experience – a flood of information and misinformation about food, food labeling, diets, exercise programs, stress, sleep, alcohol, etc. What I can say is that everyone is different. No single food plan has worked across the board for me or for my patients, no single exercise plan has worked well for me or for my patients, and different things motivate me and my patients.

That journey led me to one of my current passions – vegetable gardening. I went from learning about different food choices, to how to properly read labels to how to properly identify produce to “Why don’t I just grown my own?” pretty quickly. Whether it was at our house, or in a community garden, or even in the limited space of an apartment balcony, my wife and I have been growing a decent percentage of our own food for the last 8 years.


Trade Herbs for Salt

Like many things in medicine, salt has been both praised and demonized depending on the month you read the paper, and it is hard to tell what is "good for you" or "bad for you" anymore. What experts do agree on, however, is that salt holds water - so people with...

Eat The Rainbow

Eat The Rainbow

Have you ever heard of the term, "Eat The Rainbow"? It's excellent advice! Simply eating a variety of different fruits and vegetables can nourish your body with all the nutrients your body needs to feel its best and prevent, and even heal, illness. You've got a...


With this easy starter guide, you can learn how to start a vegetable garden, whether you have an expansive backyard or limited outdoor space. Learn how rewarding it is to grow your own food!

"Whether it's at your house, in a community garden, or even in the limited space of an apartment balcony, you are capable of growing food"

– Dr. Myers Hurt